Orange Coast Free Methodist Church

Orange Coast Free Methodist is part of the Pacific Coast Japanese Conference of the Free Methodist denomination.

We ascribe to the Articles of Religion found in the Book of Discipline.
The specifics can be found at the Free Methodist of North America denomination website, click the button below to learn more.  

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Origin of the Free Methodist Church

The Free Methodist Church began in 1860 with the simple idea that church should be free and open to everyone. Our founder, Pastor B.T. Roberts left the Methodist denomination because of his strong views against slavery, against the common practice of paying for better seats in church, and against other injustices so prevalent in culture, even church culture. Many others followed him and they became "Free Methodists". 

Vision Statement

Creating space to find life changing relationship with Jesus and sharing His love with every person we encounter. 


Hisashi "Tobi" Ishitobi - Senior Pastor

Philip Sakanashi - Executive Pastor

Jenny Switkes - Associate Pastor