Worship - Living Out Our Worship

This week Pastor Tobi concludes our mini series on Worship with a great message about how we live out our worship. Join us as we go through Paul’s letter to the Philippians.

Weekly Challenge

KNOW: Read Philippians 2:1-18. What stands out to you about the humility of JESUS? And how can you imitate this humility in your life?

GROW: Read Philippians 3:12-21. Knowing that our citizenship is in heaven, how can we improve in the way we serve God today?

OVERFLOW: Read Philippians 1:3-11 and 4:4-9. How will you worship God in a new way this week? What new challenges do you seek for 2019?

Worship - Made to Worship

This week Pastor Phil starts our mini series on Worship. We take a look at what worship is, the history we find in the Bible, as well as how we have been made to worship.


KNOW: Read Genesis 1-4. Consider who God is. Ask yourself who your worship is most similar to, Cain or Abel.

GROW: Draw near to God. Come before him and confess anything you need to confess. Pray that God will show you how you can respond to Him in true worship.

OVERFLOW: This holiday season, consider how you might respond to God’s love for you by sharing love with someone else. How can you respond in action?

Hungry - Romans 15-16 - Hungry for More

Pastor Tobi closes our “Hungry” series with a timely sermon on the final chapters of Romans.

Weekly Challenge

KNOW: Read Romans 15:14 to end of chapter 16. What challenge do you receive? What are the names of people that have influenced your faith?

GROW: What do we need to put on hold so that we can better live out the Christian mission of love God, love people, make disciples of all nations?

OVERFLOW: Where have we lost our hunger? Ask God to renew the hunger for more of God in your life and do one thing that will help bring back the hunger.

Hungry - Romans 14-15 - Unity

Join us as Pastor Jenny brings a timely message about Unity from our study of Romans chapter 14 & 15. This is part of our “Hungry” series, a study through the book of Romans.

Weekly Challenge:

KNOW: Memorize Romans 15:7: “Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.” Reflect on the three parts of this verse for your life.

GROW: Read John 13:34-35 (Jesus speaking to disciples) and John 17:20-23 (Jesus speaking to the Father). What happens when Jesus’ disciples are united in God’s love?

OVERFLOW: Think about someone in your life who breaks your “personal rule list.” What would it look like to accept this person as Christ accepted you? Prayerfully do this.

Hungry - Romans 12-13 - Living our Faith

We are continuing in our series called “Hungry”, a study through the book of Romans, with this message from Pastor Phil about how we live out our faith.

Weekly Challenge

KNOW: Read Romans 12-13. Consider Paul’s call to live out our faith for Christ.

GROW: What is the “therefore” in your life? What history do you have with God? And what motivates you to love others?

OVERFLOW: Ask yourself if you are open to God’s call to love others. Are you living like someone who is “awake” and ready to act?

Hungry - Romans 10-11 - Salvation

Join us as Pastor Tobi gives a moving sermon about Salvation. This is part of our “Hungry” Series, a study through the book of Romans.

Weekly Challenge

KNOW: Read Romans 10-11. Do you truly believe you are saved by God’s grace?

GROW: Who do you consider as your people? Those who you are naturally close to, through nationality, family, or even friends and neighbors. And who are you called to? Those who you have a deep passion for to share the love of JESUS.

OVERFLOW: As a “sent one” to those people, what is one thing you can do this week to share the mercy and grace you’ve received from God in a practical way?

Hungry - Romans 8-9 - What do you believe? - Love

Pastor Phil takes a moment to pause and ask us what we really believe. Is our “belief” something that influences our actions? Does it affect the course of our life? Knowledge, Belief, Commitment, Profession. These are all in sequence. Justification before Sanctification is also in sequence. Listen in as he explains these concepts and goes into the book of Romans.

Weekly Challenge:

KNOW: Read Romans 8 & 9. Pay attention to things that require faithful action.

GROW: Consider areas of your life that are out of sequence. Things you say you believe but are not committed to or do not act like you believe.

OVERFLOW: Set a goal to work on and pray about. Maybe it’s your belief in God’s provision, God’s love for you, God’s forgiveness, etc. What would it look like to live like you really believe what God says about this area.

Hungry - Romans 6&7 - Righteousness

Pastor Jenny gave us a wonderful message from Romans 6&7. Listen in as she gives a wonderful explanation of righteousness and how we can go deeper into our relationship with God and others!

Weekly Challenge:

KNOW: Read Romans 6:15-18. Christians are set free from sin and have become slaves to righteousness. What does this mean for your life?

GROW: Read Matthew 5:6. Right standing before God, right living for God, and how God is making all things right: Which do you hunger for today? Pray for this.

OVERFLOW: How can you be a blessing to those in your life through living in God’s righteousness? Commit to a big or small action step.

Hungry - Romans 5&6 - Transformation

This week we continue in our Romans series titled “Hungry”. There are many key principles we find in Romans that help to spur us towards a hunger for God and a passion to follow after him. Join Pastor Tobi as he brings a powerful message from Romans chapter 5 & 6.

Weekly Challenge

KNOW: Read Romans 5-6. Did anything stir up in you?

GROW: Where has God transform you the most thus far? And where do you want God to transform you from here?

OVERFLOW: Pray “Jesus use me!” and offer yourself to God to be used for someone’s life change. Share with someone this week your story of how God transformed you.

Hungry - Romans 3&4 - Faith

Pastor Tobi continues in our study of Romans by looking at Romans chapter 3 & 4.

Weekly Challenge

KNOW: Read Romans 3-4. What new discovery did you have about FAITH?

GROW: What challenges do you face in keeping your FAITH in JESUS? How can our church community help you grow in your FAITH?

OVERFLOW: Is there a worry or concern that is occupying your heart now? Surrender (give it up) to JESUS and let Him fill you with fresh hope that comes through having faith in Him alone.

Hungry - Romans 2 - Humility

Pastor Phil continues in our “Hungry” series with a message from Romans chapter 2, focusing on humility. We need to guard ourselves from pride and judgement because we are all in need of God’s grace and forgiveness.

Weekly Challenge:

  1. Read Romans 1-2. Consider what Paul is saying and how it applies to your life.

  2. Pray about how you need to grow in humility. Maybe consider areas that you have an unhealthy pride in. Places where maybe no one else knows but you (v16).

  3. Go through this next week trying to be aware of the moments when you start to judge people. When you realize that you are starting to do this, stop and pray.

Marriage Seminar - Communication

Pastor Carl Omaye is a retired minister of the Pacific Coast Japanese Conference. He and his wife, Pat have been married for 50 years and have a wealth of experience and knowledge in marriage and relationships. We are blessed to have them as a part of our church family and have them lead us in a marriage and communication seminar. This seminar was directed towards Married couples, however it was practically applicable to singles and anyone who communicates!

Hungry - Romans 1 - Holiness

This week Pastor Tobi opened up our new sermon series, "Hungry", with a message on Holiness from Romans chapter 1. In our world of instant gratification and abundance in resources, it's easy to get comfortable, to be passive and "full" on the things of the world. We need to keep a healthy appetite for the things of God! Only the spiritually hungry seek to be fed. Let's learn how we can cultivate this healthy hunger for more of God!

Weekly Challenge

KNOW: Read Romans 1. If you want to understand more about holiness, go to youtube.com, type HOLINESS BIBLE PROJECT and watch a 6-minutes animation clip called “Holiness” made by The Bible Project.

GROW:  Is there any area you have been compromising or forgetting to seek for God’s holiness? How can you be more hungry for God’s holiness?

OVERFLOW: Do you have a testimony of redemption that God freed you from sin? Share it with someone this week!

Esther 9 & 10 - Mourning to Celebration

Pastor Tobi closes out our sermon series in Esther with a look at chapter 9 & 10. We see how God turns things around and turns their mourning into celebration!

Weekly Challenge

KNOW: Read Esther 9 & 10. Reflecting back on the book of Esther, what theme or story stood out to you the most? And why?

GROW:  After encountering JESUS, where have you changed the most? And where do you want to see more growth? (If you are not a Christian, what do you hope JESUS to change in you today?)

OVERFLOW: Because of the abundant life and joy you have in JESUS, who will you bless this week by "giving presents of food to one another and gifts to the poor?”  And where will you overflow with the Good News of JESUS this week?

Esther 8 - Delivering the Mail

Pastor Jenny gave her first sermon at Orange Coast this past Sunday! She led us in a wonderful journey through Esther 8 and reminded us how Jesus has come to give us life!

Weekly Challenge:

KNOW:  Read Esther 3 and Esther 8, watching for parallels.  What stands out to you?

GROW:  Read John 10:10-11.  Are there areas of your life that feel stolen, killed, and destroyed?  Invite Jesus into these areas of your life to bring His "life to the full."

OVERFLOW:  Who in your life is feeling bewildered this week?  Share encouragement and hope in God with them.  Maybe share the story of Esther or Jesus' words in John 10:10-11!

Esther 7 - Courage to Stand for Freedom

Pastor Phil takes us through Esther 7 where we see Esther finally confront Haman and present her request to the King. We find that it takes courage to stand, but when we do, we often find that God is with us!

Weekly Challenge
Know: Read Esther 1-7 this week. 
Grow: Pray about how God is calling you to experience Freedom today? 
Overflow: Is there a situation in our life that you feel God is calling you to take a stand? Maybe it’s against a sin that has a hold of you. Maybe it’s against something wrong in the world. Pray about how you can take a stand this week.


Esther 6

Pastor Tobi leads us into Esther 6 where we see the dangers of celebrating too soon and the dangers of being selfishness.

Weekly Challenge

KNOW: Read Esther 6 and Psalms 103. What assurance do we receive from God?

GROW: What areas do you need to trust in God more? How can you grow in your trust in God who has the best interest for you?

OVERFLOW: Where do you need victory in your life? Pray for victory and deliverance this week!

Esther 5 - Who are you?

Pastor Phil continues in our study of Esther 5 and asks the question of where do we get our identity from?
Weekly Challenge
KNOW: Read Esther 1-5. See if something new stands out to you.

GROW: Consider and pray about where you get your identity from.

OVERFLOW: Think about a relationship in your life that has been challenging you. Make one decision this week to live like a child of God would.