Gospel of Luke - Luke 6:27-49 - Upside Down Kingdom

Join us this week as Pastor Tobi takes us through Luke 6:27-49 and explores some of the facets of Christian life that can be both challenging and puzzling at the same time! Sometimes it really does seem “upside down” to follow Jesus, but if we do, we find that he really does know what is best for us.

Weekly Challenge

KNOW: Read Luke 6:27-49. Which one verse struck you the most? What do you think God is telling you through that verse?

GROW: Do you have a Christian accountability partner who will speak truth into your life and can share joys and struggles of your walk with God? If not, ask God for one!

OVERFLOW: Which one of the teachings by Jesus from today’s reading will you put into practice this week?

Gospel of Luke - Luke 6:12-26 - To Follow Jesus

Join us as Pastor Tobi shares with us from his Israel trip and a powerful message from the sermon on the plain.

Weekly Challenge:
KNOW:  Read Luke 6:12-26. What does this passage teach us about the perspective we need to follow Jesus?
GROW:  Read 2 Timothy 3:1-5 and 10-17. How can you be prepared for the challenges you will face as followers of Christ?
OVERFLOW:  How will you represent the life of Jesus this week through a prayer to lift up and in an act of service?

Gospel of Luke - Luke 6:1-11 - He Knows My Name

This week Pastor Jenny takes us through Luke 6:1-11 and an exploration of the law and the heart of Jesus.

Weekly Challenge:

 KNOW:  Read Luke 6:1-11.  In what ways are you like the Pharisees?  Like the disciples?  Like the man with the shriveled hand?

GROW:  Read Jesus’ parable in Luke 5:36-39.  How does it connect with Jesus’ actions in Luke 6:1-11?  How do you respond when God does something new?

OVERFLOW:  Reflect on Jesus’ question in Luke 6:9.  Enjoy some Sabbath time this coming week, serving someone as God leads.

Gospel of Luke - Luke 5:27-39 - Jesus is calling

This week Pastor Phil takes us through the gospel of Luke and the calling of Levi also known as Matthew.

Weekly Challenge

KNOW: Read Luke 5. Examine the people Jesus called. Who do you relate to most?

GROW: How do you think Jesus is calling you to follow him? What do you think you need to give up or leave behind to follow him?

OVERFLOW: Start with yourself then be a blessing to others. Ask yourself if there’s anyone you are judgmental towards. Remember that God has shown you great grace! How should you show grace to others? Live that out this week.

Gospel of Luke - Luke 5:12-27 - The heart of Jesus

Pastor Phil continues our series in Luke with the miraculous healing of a man with leprosy and a paralyzed man. Follow along and see how the word challenges you to move this week!

Weekly Challenge

KNOW: Read Luke 5:12-27, Matthew 9:2–8 and Mark 2:3–12. Think about how you can relate to the people in these encounters with Jesus.

GROW: The people seeking healing in each story were desperate for Jesus. How desperate are you? Think about the ways or areas in your life that you are truly seeking God.

OVERFLOW: The paralyzed man truly had no hope of meeting that day without his friends. How have your friends carried you? How can you help carry someone else toward Jesus this week?

Gospel of Luke - Luke 5:1-11 - Because You Say So

Join us as Pastor Tobi brings another powerful message from the Gospel of Luke!

Weekly Challenge

KNOW: Read Luke 5:1-11, Matthew 4:18-22, Mark 1:16-20, and John 1:40-42. How is it similar (or different) to the time you first decided to follow Jesus? 

GROW: What is something that you feel it belongs to you? Is it better in your hands or is it better in God’s hands? Are you able to let that go?

OVERFLOW: Who in your life is going through similar struggles with you? Talk with them this week and encourage one another!

Gospel of Luke - Luke 4:31-44

Join us this week as Pastor Phil takes us through a look at Jesus life and ministry. Even in the busyness of life, Jesus took time to find quiet and reconnect with the Father.

Weekly Challenge

KNOW: Read Luke 4:31-44. Imagine being present in each of these situations. How would you feel?

GROW: Consider how God has affected your life. Do you feel like you have been “set free” from anything? How have you been able to serve others because of this?

OVERFLOW: How do you deal with silence? Spend some time alone with God this week. Take time to read the word, pray and listen. Remember that you can only “overflow” after you’ve been filled up!

Gospel of Luke - Luke 4:14-30 - Freed to Set Free

This week Pastor Tobi takes us through Jesus reading the scroll of Isaiah. Jesus foretells about his purpose on the earth and although he speaks powerfully, the people do not receive him. Find out how this applies to our life!

Weekly Challenge

KNOW: Read Luke 4:14-30 and I Kings 17:7-16. What did you discover?

GROW: How has the truth in the Bible comforted you? How has it challenged you?

OVERFLOW: Encourage someone this week who is going through a suffering.

Gospel of Luke - Luke 4:1-13 - The Temptation of Jesus

This week Pastor Phil takes a look at the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness immediately after his baptism. Jesus shows us how we can face temptation in life and come out victorious when we hold on to our trust in Jesus and our identity as God’s children.

Weekly Challenge

KNOW: Read Luke 4:1-13, Matt 4:1-11 and Gen. 3:1-7. Think about what if would have been like to be tempted in those situations.

GROW: Identify the type of temptations that you struggle with the most. How does this relate to trusting God? How do you think Jesus would respond to that temptation?

OVERFLOW: Identity directs our actions. Your actions have impact beyond yourself. Make a commitment to remind yourself that you are a child of God the next time you feel tempted or tested in your faith.

Gospel of Luke - Luke 3:21-38

This week is about Baptism! Pastor Tobi leads us into the gospel of Luke with the baptism of Jesus by John and after the service we were able to witness the baptism of Daniel Sumi! Listen in as Pastor Tobi encourages us to consider how our lives and actions have generational impact!

Weekly Challenge

KNOW: Read about Jesus’ baptism from Matthew 3:13-17, Mark 1:9-11, Luke 3:21-22, and John 1:29-33. What did Heavenly Father say to Jesus? Do you share that same identity? If so, how assured are you of that identity? If not, why not?

GROW: Who has helped you find your faith in Christ? How and why were they so instrumental?

OVERFLOW: Who is the one person you want to make sure they know that they are God’s beloved child? Overflow into their lives, spend time with them and pray with them.

Gospel of Luke - Luke 3:1-20 - John the Baptist

This week Pastor Phil took us through an account of who John the Baptist was. John was known as a the one who would prepare the way for the messiah. He called people to repentance and baptism.

Weekly Challenge

KNOW: Read Luke 3:1-20. Consider what John is encouraging the people to turn away from.

GROW: What do you think John would call you to turn from?

OVERFLOW: Serve someone this coming week. Or commit to intentionally serve in the near future. Remember that repentance is a call to act.

Gospel of Luke - Luke 2:21-52

Happy New Year! We have committed to go through the Gospel of Luke this year. Pastor Tobi leads us in the first Sunday message of 2019 as he challenges us to dedicate our lives to Christ.

Weekly Challenge
KNOW: Read Luke 2:21-52 and Matthew 2:13-23
GROW: What kind of transformation do you want to experience this year?
OVERFLOW: What kind of impact do you want to make for God this year?

End of the Year Sermon - Where are you now? - Luke 19

Pastor Phil helps us close out the year with a sermon from Luke 19. He encourages us to set our goals and “destinations” but still stay present and aware of how God is leading in the moment.

KNOW: Read Luke 19:1-10. Imagine how each person might have felt in that moment.

GROW: Take time to reflect on your year, consider your hopes and goals for 2019.

Ask yourself who do you want to be?

-Pray to God for direction, wisdom and strength to follow Him boldly this year.

OVERFLOW: Write down your big destination. Write down the stops along the way. Write down your first steps.

Christmas Sunday - Luke 1:57-77

Merry Christmas! Pastor Tobi brings us a timely message from the gospel of Luke.

Weekly Challenge

KNOW: Read Luke 1:57-80 s l o w l y . What did you notice from the reading?

GROW: List all the things that give you joy? How assured are you of the most important joy, the joy of salvation?

OVERFLOW: Who will you share the joy of your salvation with this week? Invite them to Christmas Eve service tomorrow!

Advent Luke 1:39-56

This week Pastor Jenny continues with our advent series and brings us into the powerful interaction between Elizabeth and Mary.

Weekly Challenge:

KNOW:  Read Luke 1:46-55, called the Magnificat.  How do Mary’s words magnify your understanding of the message of Christmas?

GROW:  Read Luke 1:39-44 and John 3:22-30.  Reflect deeply on John’s joy in the presence of Jesus, from before John was born and thirty years later.

OVERFLOW:  Read Luke 1:45.  Where in your life is God inviting you to trust more fully in Him to fulfill His promises to you?

Advent - Luke 1:26-38

Pastor Phil continues our Advent series with a message from Luke 1:26-38, the birth of Jesus foretold.

Weekly Challenge

KNOW: Read Luke chapter 1:1-38. Think through each character’s experience and consider how you would feel.
GROW: Consider and Pray. Are you living in the identity of someone who is called by God? Are you living transformed by God?
OVERFLOW: Be a part of God’s work in your community. Consider how you can bless someone in need.

Advent - Luke 1:1-25

Pastor Tobi starts off December with the first of our Advent messages from the gospel of Luke. The birth of John the Baptist foretold.

Weekly Challenge

KNOW: Read Luke 1:1-25. Where do you resonate with Zechariah and Elizabeth?

GROW: Is there an area you’ve been losing hope? Why is it hard to have hope?

OVERFLOW: Knowing that God is faithful, how will you be ready for his answer?

Worship - Living Out Our Worship

This week Pastor Tobi concludes our mini series on Worship with a great message about how we live out our worship. Join us as we go through Paul’s letter to the Philippians.

Weekly Challenge

KNOW: Read Philippians 2:1-18. What stands out to you about the humility of JESUS? And how can you imitate this humility in your life?

GROW: Read Philippians 3:12-21. Knowing that our citizenship is in heaven, how can we improve in the way we serve God today?

OVERFLOW: Read Philippians 1:3-11 and 4:4-9. How will you worship God in a new way this week? What new challenges do you seek for 2019?

Worship - Made to Worship

This week Pastor Phil starts our mini series on Worship. We take a look at what worship is, the history we find in the Bible, as well as how we have been made to worship.


KNOW: Read Genesis 1-4. Consider who God is. Ask yourself who your worship is most similar to, Cain or Abel.

GROW: Draw near to God. Come before him and confess anything you need to confess. Pray that God will show you how you can respond to Him in true worship.

OVERFLOW: This holiday season, consider how you might respond to God’s love for you by sharing love with someone else. How can you respond in action?